A new life for

the original

Bergmann Crown

Lets hack an old gambling machinae and make it something completely different!

So what do we have here..?

Current status

Outside - back and front

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Front is left half, back is right half. The main computer and coin acceptor and sorting equipment for DMs is dismounted. Top right part is power supply unit

Front side further opened

Front side opened detail

Detail of the discs, fluorescent lamp, and number displays

Main computer board

It looks fine on the first sight, and it mostly is…

Computer salt damage

Typical issue for these machines, the backup battery destroyed SN7404N IC which happens to be a clock generator… If it wasn't made in the 80's I'd say it's planned obsoletance. The DIP14 needs replacing if this should ever do anything.

Luckily we have some documentation!

Main Zilog Z80 based computer diagram

What would you do with this?

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First implementation session coming Friday, 17/2/2023 at TFM 2023

Fun first

The main purpose of this all is to have fun exploring electronics with friends and maybe learning a thing or two!


Great opportunity to learn something new about both old and new tech, meet friends and have a good time.


In case the remake proves viable, it may very well get used, and it may make the creators famous on the next big con or festival, who knows!

Exclusive opportunity to work with original gambling grade Zilog Z80 hardware!

40 kilograms in 1980 …
… one arduino today …

Idea groups and mods received so far


  • Module for manual control of credits input by human operator.
  • Extra readout (display?) for human operator to see and visually confirm status/payout.
  • Usable on Cybertown 2023

21 st century service

  • Make a modern chip control and read all the periferies instead of original Zilog Z80
  • Replace top bar and coin inserts with RGB matrix display.
  • Change coin handling mechanism parts into a cool minibar, make it make sounds on opening the box or picking up bottles.


  • Adding a BT / aux based sound system could make the system more controllable, capable and interesting.
  • Integrate existing control hardware with music playback e. g. start/stop buttons.

Sex advisor

  • Use authentic STRG number generation to suggest ways to kill the boredom or stereotype in the bedroom
  • Possibly display PIN number or print QR code to unlock e. g. web content 

Fursona generator

  • Modify the machine to use random generation or ask question and assemble players a personalized fursona!
  • Bonus points for integrating some LLM/GPT AI API.

Your idea here

  • Any ideas are welcome and will be considered in our brainstorming and assesment! Do not hesitate and share your vision!

Great source of information about these machine is this website: http://www.baersch-online.de/spielautm.htm.

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Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011

This project is not affiliated with bergmann automaten or ancestor entities.